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Updated: May 28, 2021

LOS ANGELES (May 10, 2021) – Zambezi Partners, a professional services company for sustainability solutioning, today announced Platform Zero™, running on Microsoft Azure. Built upon Microsoft’s Project 15 Open Platform for conservation and ecological sustainability, Platform Zero, which was initially developed to solve for Zambezi’s founding mission to end wildlife poaching in our lifetime, transformed into a broader, industry-defining environmental, social, and economic sustainability solution. This platform takes the standard transactional model of IoT solutions and pioneers a revolutionary relationship-first graph-based system based on Azure Digital Twins from Microsoft.

“With Platform Zero, we are addressing both economic and humanitarian concerns,” said Bastiaan den Braber, co-Founder of Zambezi Partners. “We are purposefully harnessing the world’s most advanced technologies – AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, blockchain, robotics, augmented and virtual reality – to serve society more expansively from conservation to human rights to smart cities as we head into this welcomed Fifth Industrial Revolution.”

Zambezi Partners values Platform Zero’s growing partner ecosystem and its clients by their commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environment, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Currently, Zambezi is working with proven anti-poaching technology partners who align with their impact goals on an IoT solution driving scale and efficacy for conservation stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa. This principled approach ensures that all platform integration partners can work broadly across sustainability solutions.

"Integrating long-endurance Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the next generation Pseudo Satellite into the Platform Zero ecosystem solves for wide-area solutions to address the breadth of impact and commercial problems facing our planet," said Fatema Hamdani, CEO Kraus Hamdani Aerospace. "Working with a managed UAS platform fortified by Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, inspired by the anti-poaching use case, but built to support the larger sustainability industry is a game-changer for our inspection, surveillance and monitoring services."

Basing Platform Zero on Azure Digital Twins for IoT will enhance options for all those seeking to have sustainable, restorative, and regenerative impact. Leveraging a graph-based architecture decreases the complexities of traditional IoT solutioning by overhauling the standard ‘one-to-many’ data relationships and will allow complex analysis required to deal with a diverse data landscape from many device types. For example, rather than just an alert system, such as when an IoT device like a GPS collar, camera trap or drone monitors the wellness of an elephant, and in the case of a lethal incident informs ‘how’ it was poached, a holistic graph approach can also model the elephant itself by linking its DNA as a node in a sub-graph, subsequently solving for the ‘who did it’ by enabling integration points to anti-trafficking solutions.

“The cruelty of animal poaching and the desecration of natural order dramatically impacts the health and sustainability of our planet. Governments and the private sector must combine resources and leverage advanced technologies such as IoT sensors to alert wildlife officials, intervene before a life is needlessly taken, and become more intelligent about prevention.” said Kirk Arthur, Senior Director of Worldwide Public Safety & Justice at Microsoft.

Zambezi Partners is the first Microsoft partner to commercialize the Project 15 Open Platform from Microsoft to create a managed platform solution for conservation and sustainability. Platform Zero will connect the once too distant dots to provide timely insights for sustainability resource management and planning. Understanding how device data relates to other device nodes producing data in the system is ground-breaking when it comes to securing a productive symbiotic relationship between humans and the planet. Platform Zero will bring us all closer to protecting the environment, strengthening our communities, and stimulating prosperity.

To join Platform Zero’s partner ecosystem or for more information, contact Zambezi at

About Zambezi Partners

Entire sub-Saharan African species are on track to be eradicated in the next 10-30 years. Recognizing we are the last generation who can reverse this, Zambezi was originally founded to achieve zero wildlife poaching in our lifetime. And now, whether it is zero carbon emissions, zero food waste or zero cases of human trafficking, Zambezi uses IoT and machine learning solutions via their managed platform for sustainability, Platform Zero™, in conjunction with their professional services in the diagonal of sustainability running across all industries to put people and the planet at the forefront of its vision. Zambezi has a sustainability focused partner ecosystem of data, device, and network partners to deliver on this mission.

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