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Zambezi Impact Foundation

The Zambezi Impact Foundation is our effort to make tangible impact on the ground in Africa.


The Zambezi Impact Foundation is made possible with the alignment in purpose and partnership of the Wild is Life (WIL, a 501 (c)3) and Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) organization in Zimbabwe. Wild Is Life and the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery have long worked on the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants and other animals.


Wild Is Life has a 20-year legacy. Beginning with a few rescued wild orphans to now being a quality animal sanctuary for injured, orphaned and rescued wildlife, as well as other endangered and specially protected species. They have rehabilitated more than 150 animals from over 17 different species. Wild Is Life manages conservation initiatives for animal welfare, community development, anti-poaching, and habitat restoration at both their Harare and Panda Masuie locations. 

Safe elephant rewilding

Our partners in Zimbabwe have decades of conservation experience and recently begun rewilding rescued elephants. It is beyond rewarding to witness their success while at the same time realizing that these animals are not safe without further security measures. Securing their habitat requires the most sophisticated communication, tracking, and detection technologies available.

Safe animal migration & security

Zimbabwean conservation areas are boundless in their beauty and borders. Wild Is Life's Panda Masuie forms a fenceless natural corridor between two national parks at the epicenter of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area where the international borders of 5 countries converge. Here is where the animals, once scared to enter knowing its storied past as a hunting concession, are now beginning to migrate through. Therefore, monitoring the borders for uninvited humans and learning about wildlife migration patterns is critical to become intelligent and predictive about poaching risks.

Ecosystem and biodiversity management and conservation

The location of Wild Is Life is unique, with red Kalahari sands covered with pristine forest, and remnants of orchards from iron age communities. With elephant rewilding and the influx of everything from a first resident pack of wild dogs, prides of lions, and snickering hyenas, the ecology and biodiversity are evolving towards a new and more sustainable balance. This has immediate benefits for the area’s preservation of forest, soil rejuvenation, carbon storage footprint, and reduced fire hazards.

Human wildlife conflict prevention

Integrating local communities in the approach is critical, through economic development while simultaneously encouraging a respectful and symbiotic relationship with wildlife, as well as using technology to pre-emptively secure the safety of both people and animals. 

We are grateful for those global technology partners who have already begun the journey with us and welcome more interest in supporting the Zambezi Impact Foundation strategically or financially.

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Zambezi Impact Foundation's first initiative could not be made possible without the acceptance and partnership of the Wild is Life organization in Zimbabwe. Every day is an emergency to protect wildlife, thus as we work to realize our technology vision, we ask that financial donations for immediate use can be made direct to Wild Is Life. Thank you.

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